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Episode 28 - Ernie Cefalu

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

We sat down for a wonderful conversation with renowned album cover designer and advertising executive Ernie Cefalu. Ernie was our guest for Episode 28. He has been an advertising executive for various agencies over the years and founded Pacific Eye & Ear.

Our conversation was so rich, deep and authentic and we learned so much about his career and body of work that we all felt there was a need for more. So we decided to embark on a series which will go deeper into his artwork, life and long journey. We've named the series "Under The Covers."

To learn more about the life and art of Ernie Cefalu listen into the fascinating story telling as Ernie takes through his influences, his entry into the history of the music world and all of the interesting avenues that he has wondered down. Stay tuned and buckle up...

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