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We've been so busy making podcast episodes and videos covering the life, lyrics and long journeys of those in the music industry... we forgot to blog!

Updated: Apr 11

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We've been so busy making podcast covering the life, lyrics and long journeys of those in the music industry we've forgotten about our blog! Well, now it is time to make up for that. So here we go...

Our time covering the great, local show Seabrook Idol paid off. We welcomed several guests from that competition into the studio and really enjoyed getting to know them a little more. Listening to the artists on stage at Red's Kitchen + Tavern was incredibly entertaining, but having them sit down behind the mic with us and digging into their life, lyrics and long journeys really helped us connect.

For Episode 89 we had Gavin Marengi join us. Gavin was one the finalists of Seabrook Idol and it was amazing to watch this 16 year old, high school hockey goaltender own the stage like a galvanized, veteran performer. Gavin was the only contestant that for each of his performances did an original song. His writing skills blew the judges and audience away, while his delivery and guitar work captivated everyone.

One of the most compelling segments of the show was when we hear Gavin perform "Too Young Too Fly" one of his original songs about a friend who passed away. Hailey Stone was a high school classmate who passed away on Christmas Eve after battling cancer. Gavin wanted to memorialize his friend's life and wrote this tribute that is undoubtedly a gift to the family. Check out the video here or the podcast here

Keep your eyes on this kid and keep listening for new music because Gavin is going far! Check him out at

We will be recapping Episode 90 with Chris Gendron, also one of the Seabrook Idol contestants. You'll absolutely love Chris and his genuine nature and he has a pretty compelling story about perseverance and determination. Two qualities that define him in life and it relates to his Seabrook Idol journey as well.

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