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Sandra North Sweden's Country Music Sensation Joins Us For Episode 68 Of Our Music Podcast

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Swedish Country Music artist Sandra North

Episode 68 has been a "Long Time Coming" which happens to be the title of Sandra North's debut album. Sandra joined us in via Facetime all the way from Sweden. This energetic and spunky Swedish singer/songwriter brings us behind the scenes of her music and success. We get back story on two of her latest releases "Gone" and "Shore Thing." She tells us what is in store for her future, as well sharing some of her musical idols and inspirations.

Sandra North and Jimmy Marcus' artwork cover for the song "Shore Thing"

News of the song "Shore Thing" was world debuted in the interview. The duet with fellow Swedish pop/country artist, Gothenburg, Sweden's Jimmy Marcus is a romantic ballad reminiscent "Summer Loving" from the movie "Grease."

Her debut single “Try Again” released in September 2019, made it to number 1 on the Swedish Radio show “P4 Sörmland’s Top 5” and stayed charted for 15 weeks straight. Her two follow up singles “Same Story ‘Bout a Broken Heart” and “You” (2020) extended the successes even further with professional music videos made and radio airplay all over the world in Scandinavia, Europe, Australia, Canada and the US.

Her journey has taken her from Sweden to the shore's of California. In 2015 she moved to the United States to pursue her dream and stayed in LA for the past six years. She has become addicted to traveling and making new experiences and thus, loves being on the move. While Hollywood became her home away from home, she still heads home to visit her small, home town. She has been collaborating and writing with Juan Abella and together they have a proven recipe for success.

Be sure to follow at and on her socials @Sandranorth_official and Follow our music podcast @musiciansandbeyond and join us as we follow her musical journey. #sandranorth #singer #songwriter #sweden #swedish #musicpodcast #podcast #musiciansandbeyond #ShoreThing #JimmyMarcus #JuanAbella #LongTimeComing


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