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Pat Badger From The Band Extreme Is Our Episode 66 Guest

Renowned bass player Pat Badger opened up his home studio for a sit down with Musicians and Beyond. John stepped up to the microphone for this interview and helped us all understand who Pat Badger is on and off stage,

Video from this interview can be found on our YouTube channel.

Pat Badger has played with a few bands over the course of his career, starting off in high school with a band formed in his hometown of Winchester, MA. "Damon" was were he cut his teeth, but we all know him as the bass player for the hard rock band Extreme. During the late 1980's Pat and his band mates, Gary Cherone, Nuno Bettencourt and Paul Geary enjoyed great success with songs like "More Than Words" and "Hole Hearted."

Although the band never broke up they did take many years off and just recently released their new album "Six" and are now on tour promoting that album. "Six" features a song which Pat and Nuno started to write and then Cherone joined in on the collaboration. "Banshee" is one of the song's that Badger is very proud of. In the interview he and John talk about Badger's long musical history and how he got to this point in his career.

It is very refreshing to see how humble Pat is. He is a soft spoken gentleman who has a passion for animals and the outdoors. Pat tells us how he supports a local horse rescue in West Newbury, MA. The New England Equine Rescue North, Inc. is very near and dear to Pat's heart. More info can be found at

Pat and John are close to life long friends and Pat stays in touch with a solid group of friends that he grew up with in Winchester. Some of us our fortunate that we get to hear stories of when John has been on the road supporting Pat and enjoying the life of a rock star! They keep those stories close to the vest however, so you wont hear anything revealed here.

Pat also talks about his tribute band and side project "Dark Desert Eagles" which pays tribute to one of the greatest bands ever, "The Eagles." Its a truly amazing show and the band is comprised of great friends and musicians such as, Pat Badger, Dana Spellman, Chirs Lester, Joe Pessia and Tom Appleman.

Check out the video or go over to where ever you get your favorite podcast and listen in on the audio version.


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