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Life Happens: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly! But, Episode 73 Guest Tim McGeary Keeps On Rolling

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

There have been a lot of curveballs thrown at Tim McGeary, but the fact is he refuses to let life's downturns keep him in the negative. He has such an energy to him and he practices what he preaches regarding positivity; he truly believes that love is the true power of the universe. He is appreciates the lessons that he has learned through all of the ups and downs.

His introspective journey, on his success in his career and the losses and heartbreaks, is reflected in his songwriting. Tim lost his son and when you hear the song "Miracles" you can hear his sadness, yet you can also hear the healing. The day after the funeral his family noticed a white flower growing in the yard, the next day they woke up to 5 new, white flowers. They didn't know what the sudden appearance of these flowers were until a nurse from the hospital called. Tim's son was an organ donor and his death resulted in five souls receiving the gift of life and sight. This gift is where Tim found not only the words to his next song, but the glory in believing in miracles.

Tim's losses and his struggles with addiction are what drive him today. He grew up as the oldest of ten, born to an FBI agent who was on the straight and narrow. With purple hair and tattoos and a guitar in his hand, it was obvious Tim was never going to be am FBI Agent or dentist. Tim brings a smile to your face and makes you laugh out loud when he tells a story. His life is inspired to give back for all those that have help save him, he just retired as a firefighter/paramedic in Florida.

His song writing is an exceptional gift; his voice has an inviting, soulful edge. He has been performing for what seems like forever! He started in New York with his former band "Neighbors and Allies" playing scenes like CBGBs in the late 70 and early '80s.

His next band, "The Rescue" was signed to A&M Records and their first album was produced in London by Tony Mansfield (1984). The Rescue: Paul McGovern (guitar, lead vocals), Tim McGeary (bass, vocals), Michael Gross (guitar, saxophone), Vincent Piazza (keyboards), Bobby Siems (drums).

His stories from those days and the road make Episode 73 one to listen to.

HE's come a long when since his punk/rock roots and now he is more county/Americana. When in Nashville he passes a little church with a red roof which inspired the song "The Church." He in Florida and finally happy where his life is and enjoying that and being in love with his wife.

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