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Jordan Quinn Announces New Show "Queens" In Episode 64

"Queens" will be a tribute show honoring 25 female performers from the last three decades.

Jordan Quinn joined John and I in our Win Cam studio to update us on her her latest project. She is writing, performing in, directing and producing a the tribute show "Queens" which will open on September 16th at the Strand Dover in Dover, NH. You can find more information on Jordan's website.

This fabulous 7-piece tribute band creates an exciting, high energy 2 hour grand theatrical representation of the best female artists in the music industry. Complete with vocal and instrumental quality unmatched by any other tribute out there,"Queens" will bring you from Celine Dion's concert to Shania Twain's music video in a blink of an eye. This show captures the essence of these wonderful women that have transformed the music industry and set lofty standards for those who followed.

"Queens" will set the stage to take you back in time to your favorite artists and songs. From Whitney Houston to Dolly Parton, this event promises to take you on a journey through the decades of music by female performers who have left an indelible mark on the industry. Come and sing along to all your favorite hits and enjoy an evening of pure entertainment.

Check out our video of our interview where Jordan performed three songs during our conversation or find the on Spotify audio podcast or where ever you get your favorite podcasts.

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