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Jim Sullivan's Backstage & Beyond: 45 Years of ModernRock Chats & Rants is a great read!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

We had a great night at JimSullivanInk book launch the other night at the Paradise Rock Club. Jim released Volume 2 of "Backstage & Beyond: 45 Years of Modern Rock Chats & Rants."

Jim will be this week's guest on our podcast. Soon to be released! Make sure you check out other appearances where Jim will be talking about his book below.

We have to give a big shout out to our friend Rob Sisti at Sisti Marketing Group for the introduction and scheduling Jim to be with us. Rob has been teaming up with us at M&B to bring more local musicians and stories to our podcast. Rob's history in the Boston PR and marketing world opens the doors to a treasure trove of talent. We cannot wait to collaborate some more with him and his talented team. Make sure you follow along on our IG page for more info.

Volume 1 focused on artists from 1950s and ’60s. Twenty-one of them are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These are not regurgitated interviews, but rather the more insightful and deeper thoughts from his notes

Over the course of 350 pages, Backstage & Beyond 45 Years of Classic Roc Chats & Rants, Volume 1 includes fascinating, entertaining and occasionally hair-raising profiles of Jerry Lee Lewis, Ian Hunter & Mott the Hoople, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Nico, Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music, Robert Fripp & King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Warren Zevon, Pete Townshend, Ray Davies & the Kinks, Dave Davies, Ginger Baker, Leonard Cohen, Marianne Faithfull, John Fogerty, Tina Turner, Neil Young, Richard Thompson, Darlene Love, Alice Cooper, Peter Wolf & the J. Geils Band, Joe Perry & Aerosmith, Lemmy & Motörhead, George Clinton, Tangerine Dream, Joan Baez, k.d lang and Roy Orbison.

We picked up a copy of Backstage & Beyond, Volume 2 at the Paradise, which by the way was such a cool setting for the launch. Volume 2 focuses on the Punk, post Punk and New Wave era of the 1970's, with stories about The Clash, Ramones, Patti Smith, Elvis Costello to name a few.

It's a wonderful read with great depth; dark when talking about the demise of the The Ramones and at times bright with humor as when Billy Bragg reacts to Hugh Grant's 1995 arrest with a prostitute, Divine Brown. Disgusted at first, Bragg reflects for a moment and then laughs, realizing how he prefers his heroes to be caught in compromising positions, so that they are more relatable.

Check out "Backstage and Beyond: 45 Years of Modern Rock Chats & Rants" and make sure you make it to one of Jim Sullivan's upcoming appearances:

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