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Guitarist Paul Bielatowicz from Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Legacy Entertains Us In Episode 72

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Young Paul Bielatowicz
Young Paul Bielatowicz

Guitarist Paul Bielatowicz joins us for a fun and entertaining episode. Paul is a member of the tribute group Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Legacy. Hailing from Lancashire, England, but now living in Dartmouth, MA. After giving up his early dream of being a gymnast, Paul began playing guitar at the early age of 7 after Santa brought him his first guitar.

Paul was on tour and the promoter was from Dartmouth, they hit it off so much, they married and that is how he now lives not so far away from us. You may not pick it up right away but he is picking up the Boston accent! He has been in the US since 2012'

Paul Bielatowicz performing with Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy
Paul Bielatowicz performing with Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy

As one of three members of ELP-Legacy, Paul has been playing the iconic hits for the past 20 years alongside the original ELP drummer, Carl Palmer and bassist Simon Fitzpatrick. Paul enjoys the freedom to be creative and play covers such as Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Tocata and Fugue in D Minor” while also honoring such hits as "Lucky Man" and "Knife Edge." Paul tells us that he sees himself as a classical pianist trapped in a electric guitarists body. He frequently re-interprets classical piano pieces and turns them into something he plays on his six-string.

When Paul heard Carl Palmer was looking for a new guitarist, Paul sent him a demo CD that included a guitar version of "Flight of the Hippotamus." His take on the "Flight of the BubbleBee" is masterful and was key in Carl Palmer welcoming him aboard. He is a spectacular guitarist!

Paul Bielatowicz Nosferatu Returns

Paul Bielatowicz has recorded and toured with some of the biggest names in progressive rock, including Carl Palmer, Neal Morse, Dream Theater, Yes, Todd Rundgren, Arthur Brown, Alan Parsons Project and more. When the great plague of 2020 stopped all touring, Paul turned his attention to composing and spent two prolific years writing various projects, including this prog rock soundtrack for the 1922 classic silent horror Nosferatu. "Nosferatu Returns UNDEAD" is a concert accompanied by the 1922 film. Tour dates for 2023 can be found by clicking on the link.

This is a great video that showcases Paul's incredible talent on the electric guitar. It is truly fascinating to see what he is able to do!

Listen in to Episode 72 with Paul and enjoy the ride. This is a great episode that touches upon so many accomplishments in Paul's life and you don't want to miss out on his advice to young musicians!

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