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Ava Connell Joined Us For Episode 70 and Spotlights Her New Song "Koe" and Her Writing Influences

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Ava Connell
Ava Connell

Ava Connell is a Georgia girl who made her dreams come true by taking the stage in Nashville. Now living her dream, she is writing new music, meeting new artists to to collaborate with and making a name for herself with a sweetness and innocence in her voice, she brings us fresh lyrics and her enlightening perspective.

In her first podcast interview, she tells us that her journey took her from playing guitar at 12 years old and recorded her first song at 13 . At the tender age of 6-7 years old, Ava dreamed of being an author. Her grandmother loved poetry, together they would spend time reading and writing and as soon as she starting playing guitar songwriting was a natural transition.

Now at 18, Ava she has had the brights of the stage at the Commodore shining upon her and is traveling back and forth to Nashville from Atlanta, taking parts in writer's rounds and finding new inspirations. Looking at murals on the walls of buildings around Nashville, Ava saw stories that could be interpreted in so many different ways. Working with Natalie Murphy, the two co-wrote "Mural On Broadway."

Ava also credits Natalie Murphy with giving her some of the best advice in moving forward with her career. Natalie said, "Just keep reaching out and when you get a "no" remember thats really just a redirection, not a rejection." She has taken that advice and developed a maturity in her perspective and perseverance. We don't see anything holding this girl back.

Ava is working on new songs and has one demo out on SoundCloud. "Koe" is her debut song and one that she drew upon her experiences in high school and sharing those memories through her music. She continues to co-write with Natalie Murphy and another friend of ours, Fallon Shultz.

Our experience through our recent interviews demonstrates that country music has some young talent that is about to break through. These young artists, especially the female performers are about to reign over the stages throughout Nashville and we are in for a treat. In this conversation, Musicians and Beyond's episode 70, Ava Connell shows us that she is one of the next generation of talent that we expect to hear playing all over the world.

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